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Wir sind das virtuelle Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann"; ein seit 2001 bestehendes Geschwader, das "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad", einen im Zweiten Weltkrieg angesiedelten Online-Flugsimulator, spielt.

Bei uns bist du richtig, wenn du eine Community suchst, um diesen Simulator mit anderen gemeinsam zu spielen.

Gute Nachrichten: Ein neuer Patch für den „Cliffs of Dover“-Mod von „Team Fusion“ wurde heute angekündigt und soll nächsten Freitag, vielleicht aber auch etwas später erscheinen – so genau will man sich da nicht festlegen.

Die Veränderungen in TF 4.2 betreffen vor allem die Spielmechanik und die Grafik; enthalten sind aber auch Erweiterungen der Karte.


Beispielsweise werden Raucharten verändert und neue Waffeneffekte für einige Waffen eingefügt. Andere Verbesserungen betreffen die KI-Schützen in Bombern (funktionieren endlich richtig) und dutzende Kleinigkeiten wie etwa Munitionsanzeigen in den Messerschmittmaschinen. Und endlich gibt es funktionierende Windsäcke!

Auch an den Flugmodellen wurde wieder geschraubt. Diese Änderungen sind sehr umfangreich und daher – zusammen mit allen anderen Neuigkeiten – unter folgendem Link nachzulesen, da es hier den Rahmen sprengen würde:

Quelle: Ankündigung im ATAG-Forum

Sonstige Änderungen (exklusive Flugmodelle):



*New SFX effects for:

-gun smoke behind wings when guns are fired.

-20mm (aircraft) cannons

-light flak

-some types of engine fire

-glycol and oil leaks

-environmental smoke and visible distance increased to 30 km for some of them (see the „Environmental Smoke“ section below)

-fuel tank fire

-hit flashes for Dewilde ammo. Sources indicate that a Dewilde flash was an orange/red twinkling spark (previously they were too bright, big and yellow in colour).

-smoke effects for crashed and burning planes. Now dependent on wind in the mission to move in any other direction than just upwards.



Updates for TF4.2b:

* Battle damaged and/or shot off parts now comes with a drag penalty, effectively reducing maximum speed.

* Bf110 fuel tanks corrected (but please note that the fuel lamp is still reversed. This will be fixed)

* AI uniforms corrected

* New 3D objects added:

– Blister Hangar (Static->Building->Airfield)

– Dispersal Hut (Buildings->England->Airfield)


Updates for TF4.2a:

* FXAA introduced (just turn it to any other setting than „Off“ in your video settings)

* Bf 110 Spinner marking bug corrected

* Flak is now a bit more accurate

* AI pilots „lawndarting“ corrected

* Shadows (not trees) should look a bit less choppy (but still). Please keep an eye for any weird shadow introduced by this change

* Redout bug fix (no more pitch black parts)

* Various sound effects has been tweaked.

* Horizon smoke bug fix (no more horizon shining through buildings, trees, cockpit and whatnot)

* Ground fog introduced as in pre-vanilla versions of Clod

* Another horizon bug fixed (smoke no longer get „chopped“ at horizon level)

* Re-texture of bf110 cockpit

* Additional bad spawn points fixed

* DCG generator introduced

* BR-20 Top turret fix (no longer inverted)

* FMB option to select both types of empty bomb racks for bf109

* AAA guns can be operated by human player


Earlier updates (for TF4.01 versions):


* Windsock now working (see „ground handling“ section below)

* Portable air raid sirens now working. (Found in the FMB under Static->Environment/Portable Siren -British/German. It will start sounding when a plane is within 3Km horizontally from where the siren is)

* Added coastal landmarks (see details below)

* Removed gun smoke and contrails from inside the cockpit

* Corrected the ammo lights in all mark of Bf109 and Bf110 (The lights are now ON when there is any ammo left, FLICKERING when firing and OFF when out of ammo (or jammed/destroyed)

* Corrected ammo counter for Bf109E-1B (now works as in the 109E-1, not 109E-3/4)

* Concrete runways made darker in summer and autumn maps

* Brakeshoe0/brakeshoe0 renamed to say brake chocks on/off

* Bail out animations for all marks of Spitfire, Hurricane and Bf109

* Corrections to the Russian translation of German rounds

* Tweaked aircraft reflections algorithms to prevent the whiteout/washout

* Corrected bumpmaps for 109, spit and hurri

* Reduced the moonlight water reflections a bit

* Reduced the night time brightness of the revi sights a notch

* Made a few corrections to night time smoke and water splashes

* Tweaked the aircraft spotting mod a bit by increasing the distance where the aircrafts turn black when using FOV 30 or less (to better enable identification)

* Fixed a small error in the bore of the German AP-H round

* Increased the brightness of tracers a notch

* Increased tracer smoke thickness a notch

* Improved bumpmap of grass fields

* Improved sand texture

* Improved summer map noise texture (bumpmap)

* Added bomb rack options for 109’s

* Corrected file format for some aircraft textures

* Corrected slightly off revi sights in axis planes

* Corrections to Spitfire MkI cockpit (boost cut out switch back)

* Added missing markings for 109E-4N-DeRated, Bf-110C-4N-DeRated and Bf-110C-7Late

* LG1 paint scheme fix

* Removed contrail rubber banding under 7000 meters

* Tweaks made to gun dispersions for all fuselage and turret mounted guns (making them slightly more accurate compared to wing and pindle mounts. No guns are made less accurrate)

* Corrected Bf110 turn needle gauge




Added to Channel maps:

Margate Harbour

Margate pier

North Foreland lighthouse

Royal Ramsgate harbour

Deal pier

Folkestone harbour

Folkestone pier

Brighton Palace pier

Brighton West pier

Calais harbour

Dunkirk harbour (correct location)

Canterbury Cathedral (Westminster substitute)

Arundel Castle


Spawn Fixes:

Fixed bad spawns (hangar explosions) at Canterbury airfield & 20+ French airfields






The Flight Modeling team has as its motto, „FM’s are not perfect, and never will be“.


Which means we never stand still, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and refine the virtual aircraft to better replicate the historical ones. Part of this is to do with the learning process we have gone through as we became more familiar with the code, and improve our ability to control the parameters which control the various aspects of aircraft behaviour. It also has to do with the fact we have an ongoing program to re-write the code, to create new parameters and input points which increase the complexity of the aircraft flight model.


The above are the basis of the changes we are introducing in TF 4.2.


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